In this fresh take on the survivor narrative, a brilliant young lawyer’s visit to her estranged family brings long-buried pain and anger to the surface, threatening her career, her values, and all of her relationships—a story of trauma, healing, and the power of ride-or-die female friendship that is sure to capture the hearts and minds of fans of Roxane Gay, Candice Carty-Williams, and Raven Leilani.

POST-TRAUMATIC is a novel about a smart, ambitious, good-hearted woman whose misogynist/racist family/society has seriously screwed her up, and she must now, as an adult, try to figure out how to reclaim herself. (So…this is already a novel most women I know would relate to.) It is also, more generally, a refreshingly funny and warm-hearted novel about trauma, healing, and the power of true friendship.
To the outside observer, Vivian, a tightly-wound Black Latinx Lawyer, is an independent, fierce feminist who tirelessly advocates for mentally ill patients in NYC. For years, she has quietly self-medicated with a mix of humor, dieting, deflection, and smoking weed with her BFF, Jane. (Vivian and Jane have one of the most heartwarming literary friendships in recent memory). But after a long-avoided visit to the family she has worked so hard to distance herself from, Vivian’s undiagnosed PTSD suddenly rears its head, threatening her career, her values, and all of her relationships – particularly her friendship with Jane. We follow her as she white-knuckles her way through work and parties and first dates until, at a friend’s wedding, she unravels in a very public and humiliating way. Will she allow herself to be destroyed by the past, or will she finally admit that she can’t do this alone and seek help?
Readers will be riveted by this fearless (and sometimes funny!) portrayal of how trauma haunts survivors in everyday life, and they will grow to love Vivian as a complex, maddening, relatable, indelibly real character.

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