Bursting with intrigue, adventure, and romance, Antoinette's Sister expertly brings to life one of history's most formidable European monarchs: a woman who upended societal conventions for the betterment of her people as Queen of Naples, and courageously livedand lovedon her own terms.

Austria, 1767: Marie Carolina Charlotte—third daughter and sixteenth child of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria—knows her position as a Hapsburg archduchess will inevitably force her to leave her home, her family, and her beloved country. But not yet. The Hapsburg family is celebrating a great triumph: Charlotte's younger sister, Josepha, has been promised to King Ferdinand IV of Naples, and will soon take her place as queen. Before Josepha can journey to her new home, however, tragedy strikes: after visiting the family crypt, Josepha contracts smallpox and dies. Embroiled in grief, Charlotte is forced to face an unthinkable new reality.

​She must now marry Ferdinand in her sister's stead.

Bereft and alone, Charlotte finds that her new life in Naples is more complicated than she could ever have imagined. Ferdinand is weak and feckless, and a disastrous wedding night plunges her into despair. Her husband's regent, Tenucci, is a controlling and power-hungry man who has pushed the country to the brink of ruin. Overwhelmed, she asks her brother Leopold, now the Holy Roman Emperor, to send help—which he does in the form of John Acton, a handsome military man twenty years Charlotte's senior who is tasked to take over the Navy. Now, Charlotte must gather the strength to do what her mother did before her: take control of a country.

Antoinette's Sister brings a forgotten Italian monarch brilliantly to life in this sweeping, luxurious tale of family, power, and court intrigue. For in a time of political uprisings, royal executions, and refugee crises, how is a young woman to keep hold of everything—and everyone—she loves? 

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


"An epic tale of one woman's fight to take control of her circumstances to create the life of her dreams . . . Ms. Giovinazzo has crafted a spectacular story."—Adriana Trigiani, New York Times bestselling author of Tony's Wife on The Woman in Red
"One of the greatest unsung heroines in history comes to passionate life . . . a feminist icon to die for."—Mary Sharratt, author of Ecstasy and Illuminations on The Woman in Red
"Diana Giovinazzo establishes herself as a worthy new voice in historical fiction with this irresistible tale of Anita Garibaldi: firebrand, lover, soldier, mother, revolutionary. Garibaldi isn't just fierce, she's ferocious. Her unstoppable energy propels this novel forward through tragedy and triumph, soaring all the way."—Greer Macallister, bestselling author of The Magician's Lie and Woman 99 on The Woman in Red
"[An] astonishing story of defiance and dedication . . . told in [a] bold and unflinching voice."—Erin Lindsay McCabe, USA Today bestselling author of I Shall Be Near To You on The Woman in Red
"Captivating . . . Giovinazzo adds realistic details to the fast-paced narrative. The novel's focus on a strong woman who defied the odds to follow her heart will appeal to fans of historical fiction."—Publishers Weekly on The Woman in Red
"Epic in scope, adventurous in nature, dreamily romantic, and occasionally a nail biter, this is the story of a passionate love affair, a feminist before feminism's time, history as it happened in three countries, triumph, and tragedy."—New York Journal of Books on The Woman in Red
"A finely crafted, exciting page-turner and is highly recommended for readers interested in learning about strong and empowered women."—Historical Novel Society on The Woman in Red
"Entertaining and educational, as well as a wonderful way for readers to meet a lesser-known historical figure whose own life story could very well help influence their own by encouraging others to dig deep within to find courage and bravery."—Ovunque Siamo on The Woman in Red
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