"A hugely enjoyable take on the Regency. . . I wolfed this down with great pleasure." —KJ Charles

Proper Regency ladies are not supposed to become magicians, but Miss Abigail Wilder is far from proper.

Abigail Wilder's father may be the Lord Sorcier of England, but that does not mean that society is willing to accept her as a magician. When a dark lord of faerie threatens London, however, Abigail is determined to uncover the truth and save Lord Longshadow's victims – and neither good manners nor her father's worries will stop her.

Abigail is not the only one investigating the terrible events in London, though. A street rat named Mercy soon insists on joining her cause—and while Mercy's own magic is strange and foreboding, she may well pose an even greater danger to Abigail's heart.

The latest installment in the series that began with Half a Soul weaves a dark faerie tale full of defiant hope. Pick up Longshadow, and return once more to Olivia Atwater's charming, magical version of Regency England.

What's Inside

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